How to paint an iron handrail

How to paint an iron handrail

ACCESSORIES: Wire brush, Glass paper, Wet rag , Foam roller, Brush, Small bucket.


PRODUCTS: Primer: Gray Antioxidant / Global Primer - Finish: Antioxidant gloss enamel / Metalox.

If the handrail is already painted, first, file away the paint, as well as rust, if any, that is not properly adhering using a wire brush.

Rub the entire surface with glass paper to open the pores and improve the adhesion of the first coat. Next, remove the remains of dust with a slightly wet rag and let the surface dry.

Using a roller or a brush, apply a coat of antioxidant primer in the areas where the old paint is completely removed. Once the primer coat is completely dry, apply 2 coats of synthetic or acrylic enamel using a roller or a brush.