Mineral paint based on silica sol and potassium silicate (sol–silicate paint). Suitable for new construction and restoration of façades. Provides adhesion on both mineral substrates and other organic substrates without the need for special adhesive bonding. Shows great resistance to the growth of algae and fungi due to the product’s high permeability to water vapor and its alkaline nature. Excellent covering power. Complies with DIN 18363, 2.4.1 (silicate dispersion paint). High weathering resistance. Does not form film. Free of solvents and/or plasticizers.

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Matt mineral appearance

Used for restoration on substrates with old paints based on dispersions of organic polymers that are firmly adhered to the substrate. Suitable for mineral substrates (mortar, cement, bricks, stone, etc.). Not suitable for wood, synthetic enamels or other enamels that are difficult to wet.

Broad brush (similar to those used in the old times to whitewash), short-haired paint roller or airless paint sprayer.

24 hours



5-6 m2/L

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