Virex®  chart

Girona color chart


Emulsion paint based on styrene–acrylic copolymers and siloxanes. Offers excellent weathering resistance. Waterproof (water-repellent effect) and permeable to water vapor. Low permeability to CO₂ gives additional protection against concrete carbonation. Anti-carbonation certification: UNE-EN 1062-6:2003. Excellent washability.

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Virex® color chart, Girona color chart

Smooth matt

Used especially for the restoration of façades and outdoor walls in which ease of application and high-quality finish are desired. Anti-carbonation protective coating. VIREX SILOXAN product protects the film from moisture. In wet facades with a tendency to the appearance of fungi, VIREX SILOXAN FBA is recommended, a product specially formulated with antifungal preservative to protect the film on the wall against the appearance of algae, bacteria, fungi and greenery.

Brush, roller or airless paint sprayer

Minimum 6 hours


4L , 15L

5-6 m2/l

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