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100% acrylic facade cladding. Textured finish, hides slight surface imperfections. Great covering power. It provides great waterproofing to the façade while offering good breathability to water vapor. Resistant to the alkalinity of the support. High durability on the outside and color retention. Excellent application.

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Textured matt

Protection and rehabilitation of facades and exterior walls built in concrete, cement mortar, brick, stone; good adhesion on plastic paint. The product VIREX ACRILIC VTEX has an additional protection of the film against moisture. Although it contains antifungal protection of the film, in wet facades with a tendency to the appearance of fungi is recommended VIREX ACRYLIC V-TEX-FBA, product specially formulated to provide a greater protection of the film on the wall against the appearance of algae, bacteria, fungi and greenery.

Brush, roller or airless paint sprayer

Minimum 6 hours at 20ºC


15 L


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