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Matt emulsion paint based on special emulsion copolymers, with hydrophobic characteristics and stain resistant. Stands out for its excellent washability: Class 1 according to UNE EN 13300. Burnish resistant. Protects dry film from mold. Other relevant qualities: Non-drip, splatter reduction, water vapor breathability and friction resistance. Works by repelling stains and preventing their absorption into the wall, unlike conventional paints, due to hydrophobic qualities. Effectively repels stains from coffee, juice, soft drink, iodine, ketchup, mustard, etc., thereby facilitating easy cleaning with a sponge using water and neutral soap.

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Has excellent scrub resistance, so can be washed with a sponge or cloth, without noticeable marks or sparks once the washed area is dry. Ideal for kitchens, school canteens, restaurants, cafeterias and home walls. The product’s scrub resistance makes it highly suitable for transit areas, because of its burnish resistance, making it highly recommended for halls, stairs, corridors and transit areas in general. Suitable for walls and ceilings that require excellent stain and scrub resistance.

Brush, roller, airless paint sprayer

4 – 6 hours 23 ºC


0,75L, 4L , 12L

12 – 16 m²/L and coat depending on the substrate porosity

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