High quality matt plastic paint for the decoration of walls and ceilings of 100% ecological interiors. Certified with the European Ecolabel (registration number ES-CAT/044/002). Excellent washability. Wet rubbing resistance classification according to DIN EN 13300: Class 2. Finish of great cover extra matte. Ease of application, does not splash. Breathable to water vapor. Formaldehyde-free. Classification reaction to fire A2 s1 d0 according to EN 13501-1:2007 (EUROCLASSES).

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Owing to sanitizing qualities as well as low emissions and absence of odor, recommended in hospitals, schools, public offices, supermarkets, food processing plants, kitchens, gyms, locker rooms, hotels, nurseries, centers for the elderly and, in general, any location where high durability and resistance to fungi and bacteria are desired. Being free of odor and emissions, suitable for walls and ceilings in houses and for any room that needs to be ready for immediate occupancy.

Brush, roller, airless paint sprayer

4 – 6 hours 23 ºC


4L , 12L

14 – 15 m² /L and coat

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