Matt emulsion paint. Solvent-based matt paint that works as an adhesive bonding for surfaces that are difficult to adhere. Due to its beautiful matt appearance, excellent leveling and great outdoor protection, can also be used as a finish coat, which makes it a highly versatile product.

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Offers adhesive bonding on surfaces with little adhesion (steel, galvanized, aluminium). Allows sub-sequent varnishing or finishing with enamel. Contains antioxidant pigments (zinc phosphate) that provide corrosion protection for steel. Acts as pore filler for indoor wood; allows subsequent sanding and finishing with enamel. Multipurpose paint suitable for applying to different surfaces: plastics (rigid PVC, methacrylate, polyester, etc.); ceramic surfaces (stoneware, tiles); glass. Application by brush, roller, spray gun or airless paint sprayer depending on the thickness and surface to be painted. Can be painted over with emulsion paint, alkyd enamels, and polyurethanes. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Brush, roller, airless paint sprayer

4 days


0,75L and 4L

8 m²/L with roller and 12 m²/L with spray gun

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